Wriggly Tin Soap UK

A natural soap saver bag with drawstring opening and wooden bead trim.

EXFOLIATE: Perfect for the bath or shower. Pop your favourite bar of soap inside and you are good to go, it also has a lovely exfoliating texture!

LENGTHEN THE LIFE OF YOUR SOAP: Keeping your soap in a bag hung up in the shower lets it drip dry which improves the life of your soap and makes it last longer. It can also be used for all those small left-over pieces of soaps.

PLANT-BASED MATERIAL: Made from sisal, a fantastic vegan fibre from the Agave sisalana plant. This soap bag is easily composted once it reaches the end of its life.


Simply pop your favourite soap bar inside, rub to lather and use to scrub your skin. Rub in circular motions to stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins and get rid of dead skin.3

Rinse well and hang it to dry after use to keep the moisture out.

This sisal soap bag is machine washable at 30 degrees.

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