Wriggly Tin is a concept that began back in 2010. Myself and my husband brought a farm in South Africa and our idea was to grow our own food, live a simple life and enjoy the experience of living on a large piece of land with lots of nature around us. I had lost my Mum a few months earlier to Cancer, and the gap was there to make a change and do something different. We shied away from the traditional, we consciously chose NOT to do things the expected way and we embarked on our journey.

Part of the challenge with our farm was that it lay on a large slope. I always wanted animals, and when faced with the issue of the slope, we decided goats would best be suited for the terrain. We began with pet Boer goats (a South African breed of meat goat) and in our research we brought three dairy goats to act as stand in milk-mommies should the Boer goat babies need extra food.

What’s the worst that can happen? (I asked) … we have a bit of extra milk and we can use it for ourselves if need be. A bit extra was an understatement, we started to drown in it. Little did we know that the average dairy goat produces a few liters of milk extra (after feeding her own babies of course). We had too much and I had to find a creative way to use the milk.

As part of our simple life, I had recently learned to make my own soap. While browsing Pinterest one night I discovered you could use goat milk in soap and that was the Lightbulb moment of how to use the extra milk. So very soon after drowing in milk, we began to drown in soap. We gave it to friends and family who happily played guinea pig and then we recovered the cost of making the soap and began to sell it. Soon we had shops contacting us to stock our product and we started attending markets and events so we could introduce real soap to more people.

After a few years of business, Jody decided to pack up and return home to her native UK and