NEON KACTUS - Reusable glass coffee cup

Wriggly Tin Soap Co.

Neon Kactus are eco-friendly, plastic free, reusable coffee cups.

Look great while enjoying your favourite beverage, hot or cold, on the move or in the office. 

These cups are made from glass and 100% recyclable materials. This means you can enjoy the full flavour of your favourite beverage without the holder tainting the taste. The glass is strong, heat resistant and natural. For us eco conscious types they are plastic and BPA free, a perfect addition if you run a plastic free store, stall or site. As they are washable and reusable they are zero-waste, helping to cut down on the billions of disposable cups that go to land fill each year. The colourful sleeve is also anti-grip and thermal. .

  • High Quality Borosilicate Glass

  • Anti-slip Grip

  • Thermal Sleeve

  • Microwave & Dishwasher Safe

  • BPA Free

  • 100% Recyclable

Neon Kactus coffee cups have a bright and ergonomic design, easy to grip, eco-friendly and made from high quality materials. You can pop it in your bag and be ready to refill at your chosen coffee shop or cafe while you go about your busy day.

The size is a perfect fit for all coffee houses and fits the Costa ‘Primo’ size drink as well as the Starbucks ‘tall' drink.


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